Krome Studios Wins AGDC Awards

5th December 2005

And the winner is... Krome Studios! Australia`s leading game development company continues its streak of success and accolades as Krome Studios has secured two key awards at this year`s Australian Game Developers Conference (AGDC). The company received Best Original Character Design for TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan and the Career Achievement Award was given to Creative Director / Co-founder Steve Stamatiadis.

In an unprecedented way, all of the (three) TY the Tasmanian Tiger games have won the award for the Best Original Character Design. Never has there been a game series that has received consecutive awards. This award is presented to the creator(s) of the character (individual or company), and it recognises excellence in original character design for a specific game developed in Australia or New Zealand. The first TY the Tasmanian Tiger game is Australia`s best selling game made by an Australian company and the series has sold more than two million units worldwide. The Career Achievement Award is one of the most coveted awards given to any industry professional as only one is given per year. This award is presented to an individual developer in recognition of exceptional accomplishments attained in a career in any area of the Australian or New Zealand computer game development industry. Mr. Stamatiadis, a seasoned veteran and who is also credited with helping to pioneer the Australian gaming community, is the creative visionary behind the TY series as well as all of the Krome projects.

"It is a great honour to be selected to receive this award given the crop of talented and successful gaming professionals that our area of the world has amassed," says Steve Stamatiadis. "I really love my job. Helping to manage and work with such a dynamic team at Krome Studios on projects like the TY the Tasmanian Tiger series continues to be a very rewarding experience for me."

"I am very excited that we received both of these awards, but I am especially excited that Steve was recognised with the Career Achievement Award," says CEO Robert Walsh. "He is undeniably one of the most creative and talented individuals I`ve had the privilege to work with, and it is fantastic to see him being honoured in this way." Mr. Walsh is no stranger to the Career Achievement Award as he was given it in 2003 by the AGDC.

Krome Studios just wrapped up TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan for the PS 2, Xbox, GC and GBA which is co-published with Activision. No rest for the weary, the Krome team are already working hard on their next set of yet to be announced projects.